Topic: Mission and Vision

Nurturing Compassion Together

Our pledge drive kick-off lifts up the vision of our congregation and the deeper meaning and purpose which our community and religion bring into our lives.

With the Chalice Choir and guest musician Tony Turner, former federal scientist and composer of folk hit Harperman.

Order of Service
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The Thread You Follow

As we navigate the complexities of our lives, what guides our steps? What holds us steady? What changes our course?
Join us as we reflect on meaning and mysteries on life’s journey.
This is a pulpit exchange event. North Shore Unitarian ministers Revs. Emily and … read more.

Do Trees have Rights?

Unitarians promise to “affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Some recent, and truly remarkable, court cases and legislation are making this affirmation even more meaningful.
In view of our principles and the sources of … read more.

An Experience in Shared Ministry

As UUs we are keenly aware of the Interdependent Web of Existence. The concept is enshrined in our core seven principles. When it comes to ministry, interdependence means that we all share the ministry of the church and minister to each other.

I recently was on … read more.

Living Our Vision Now

What would a visionary congregation look like and what steps do we take to achieve it?

Drawing from the new Vision statements of our congregation and the Canadian Unitarian Council, we’ll explore how we can deepen our spiritual lives, grow and enrich our congregation, … read more.

Abandon (Nearly) All Hope?

Sometimes it feels like the gap between the future we’re entering and the future we once imagined is only growing wider.
Time to throw in the towel? Resort to blind faith? Insulation ourselves with irony and nihilism? Tend our little garden?
Easter’s almost here, can … read more.

“Without a Vision, the People Perish”

…or so the saying from the Hebrew Bible goes. What is the importance of a Vision for our congregation and for Unitarians in Canada? We’ll receive an update and discuss UCV’s Vision process, …

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson