Topic: Human Rights

Refugees and Distress Migration – Where are we in 2019?

This service explores the historical background and the current issues of conflict, climate change and poverty that are fueling the migration crisis we are witnessing. Do we have a duty of care, and to whom?

We will examine religious attitudes and philosophical approaches to ethics of hospitality and explore how modern international mobility and immigration control adds to the problems to find workable and humane solutions.

Huguette has been involved with our refugee committee extensively for many years.

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May 19 2019 - Refugees Distress Migration (493.5 KiB)




Labour and Capital in Canada

One hundred years ago, working women and men staged strikes across Canada (with its epicentre in Winnipeg) in protest against unemployment, inflation, bad work conditions, low wages and in favour of collective bargaining. Management and government responded with massive obstruction and violence. It would take another three decades before Canadian workers secured union recognition and collective bargaining rights.

Consider this a May Day sermon.

Music by the Fraser Union

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April 28 2019 - Labour And Capital (449.3 KiB)

Sanctuary and the Vision of Religion

The principle and practice of providing sanctuary has been a lesser known but core feature of the religious vision from the beginnings of cultures down to the present.
Exploring the rites and right of sanctuary is a fitting way to commemorate this year’s Martin Luther King Day.
Music: Luke Moore (clarinet) and friends

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January 20 2019 - Sanctuary (580.7 KiB)


No One is Illegal?

What did Egyptian border guards say to Mary, Joseph and their infant son when they fled a murderous tyrant and sought refuge in the land of Egypt?
In an age when millions are on the road and high seas in search for a better world, how do we respond?

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December 16 2018 - No One Is Illegal (467.3 KiB)

Seventy Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights We Have Only Just Begun

Seventy years ago the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations, with Canada voting in support. But to what extent have we realized the Declaration’s just and lofty principles, and how can we work towards a Canada, and a world, in which human rights are granted fully and robustly for all?
Stephen von Sychowski is the President of the Vancouver & District Labour Council.

Image result for Stephen von SychowskiStephen von Sychowski was elected President of the Vancouver and District Labour Council in February of this year. However, many of you may know him as a Union Representative with MoveUP, a union he became a member of in 2007 when he started working at Coast Mountain Bus Company. He is also a member of United Steelworkers Local 2009. Stephen has been active and held positions at all levels of the labour movement. He was born in Prince George and today resides in Maple Ridge with his wife Erin, daughter Coraline and dogs Molly and Daisy.

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December 9 2018 - 70 Years Of Human Rights (450.9 KiB)


UN Sunday and Gibbard Award

Join us for a Celebration of UN Sunday and the opportunity to meet and hear from this year’s UN Gibbard Award winner. “The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all”. We still affirm this principle and extend our support for the vision and effective work of the UN.
The Chalice Choir sings

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October 21 2018 - UN Sunday (427.3 KiB)

Whatta Man, Whatta Man, Whatta Man, What a Mighty Good Man

In the wake and ripples of #metoo and #timesup, and the rising tide of men’s rights activists and incels, what does it mean to Reimagine Masculinity, as a recent conference in Victoria encouraged? What does it mean now to be a boy or a man, and how can we heal the wounds that lead too many men to harm others, and themselves? What does Unitarian Universalism offer to the dialogue on a re-imagined masculinity?

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July 29 2018 - Whatta Man (362.1 KiB)

Deep Secrets by Niobe Way
Many of my childhood friends are dead. Is masculinity to blame?
Today’s Masculinity Is Stifling


Home is where the heart is, and there is no place like home. So what happens when one’s place of refuge is no longer safe?

Laureen will explore how changing expectations, technology, good intentions, and competing priorities can have devastating results for homeowners and tenants. She will weave together stories working with condominium owners, with tenants in the non-profit sector, and the tragedy of Grenfell Towers.

Laureen worked for 10 years as a technologist and project manager in a building science engineering firm, working with condominium owners to diagnose and plan repairs to their buildings, and to prepare financial plans for renewing aging buildings. She currently works in social housing for the YWCA as a building asset manager, looking after the homes of women and children.

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July 22 2018 - Home (307.6 KiB)

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2018-07-22-Home (73.4 KiB)