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Foolish Wisdom: Tricksters, Unitarians, and the Sacred Messiness of Change

Certainty is comforting. When things are certain, we know what to expect, how to react. And then, of course, life happens. Tricksters are boundary-crossers, game changers, the epitome of unexpectedness. What can they teach us about making mistakes, getting dirty, and the sacred role of laughter in our creative spiritual work? Speaker: Leonie Armstrong Pianist: Eric Wyness

The Secret life of Trees

Though we have lived with them for millennia, even now we are only beginning to understand and appreciate the hidden life of trees: how they communicate, feel, live, flourish and die. Consider this a Valentine’s Day appreciation for our arboreal companions and their unusually sentient and affective way of being in the world. Speaker: Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson Feb 12 2017 – The Secret Life Of Trees (11.7 MiB)

Loving Imperfections

Listen: Aug 28 2016 – Leonie Armstrong – Loving Imperfections (13.6 MiB) Leonie Armstrong    

Melancholy, When Down is Up

17 January 2016 – Melancholy, When Down Is Up (221.3 KiB)    Jan 17 2016 – Melancholy (12.8 MiB)