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Loving Determination

Sarah Kendall had a cerebral hemorrhage with right-side hemiplegia in her fifties, and has spent the last 13 years learning ‘how to inhabit this unfamiliar body’, and how to deal with all the sorrows and joys which surround her.
Before the stroke, she was a Massage Therapist, and facilitated communication workshops for women. Since the stroke she has suffered from expressive aphasia and loss of speech, rendering communication extremely challenging.
She is the author of the book Let Me Show You Chocolate Lilies.

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March 17 2019 - Loving Determination (424.8 KiB)



Growing Eden in the Heart of the City

Jen will share stories, learnings and dreams from Growing Eden, a garden-based program in South East Vancouver for refugee and immigrant families. This program has been built and funded through UCV generosity.

Jen is a former Associate Director of the Children and Youth program at UCV.

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September 2 2018 - Growing Eden (634.4 KiB)

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2018-09-02 Growing Eden In The Heart Of The City (Jen Rashleigh) (95.5 KiB)


First and Seventh: A Non-neurotypical Experience of Interdependence and Its Call to Love and Justice

I always knew I was a Unitarian, but I didn’t know I had ADHD for 29 years of my life. When I was diagnosed, suddenly a lifetime of nameless frustrations made sense. Not only wasn’t I somehow broken, but I was in no way alone in my experiences. With this new understanding of why my square peg could never be jammed into the round hole it was given, and the memory of a lifetime of isolation, the 2017 CUC vision of a world in which our interdependence calls us to love and justice speaks to me profoundly. Let me tell you why.

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July 8 2018 - First & Seventh (367.8 KiB)

Presence to Change

We have learned the value of being present, in the moment, to ourselves, to the earth, and to the people around us. But as human beings, we have also survived and thrived based on living through habits, developing routines, and not having to think about what we already know.

How do we teach ourselves to be centered and present in a world filled with unpredictability and swirling with

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February 11 2018 - Presence To Change (623.6 KiB)



When Minds Crack the Light Might Get In: A Spiritual Perspective on Mental and Emotional Breakdown

Trauma and other misfortune can lead to deep crisis, misery, and misdirected lives,but our darkest moments are also opportunities to discover spiritual truths that can otherwise be invisible. When we recognize the possibility of breakthrough during times of breakdown and dysfunction, we gain a deeper appreciation of the mysteries of life and spirit as well as increased ability to reach out to others who may be struggling.
Join us for what will be a thoughtprovoking and moving service.



The Secret life of Trees

Though we have lived with them for millennia, even now we are only beginning to understand and appreciate the hidden life of trees: how they communicate, feel, live, flourish and die.

Consider this a Valentine’s Day appreciation for our arboreal companions and their unusually sentient and affective way of being in the world.

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson

Feb 12 2017 – The Secret Life Of Trees (11.7 MiB)