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Environment including the annual Earth Day worship service.

“Conditional Optimism” about Climate Change?

Is there any hope on climate change, or are we just screwed? We may hear this question (we may ask it ourselves!) all the time.

While there are more than enough reasons for pessimism, turns out we may be asking the wrong question, mistaking the nature of the problem, and that there may still be some ground for igniting and keeping hopeful realism alive.

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February 24 2019 - Conditional Optimism (444.2 KiB)




2019-02-24 Conditional Optimism About Climate Change (83.5 KiB)

Peace Like a River?

Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it,” wrote Norman Maclean. Rivers figure prominently in the religious traditions of the world. They pulse through First Nations cultures. Many name themselves after them and their treasured historic and cultural ties.
Join us for a commemoration of World Rivers day, and the call of Unitarian Sources to celebrate the circle of life and to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

The Chalice Choir sings

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September 30 2018 - Peace Like A River (575.4 KiB)

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2018-09-30 Peace Like A River (122.1 KiB)




Growing Eden in the Heart of the City

Jen will share stories, learnings and dreams from Growing Eden, a garden-based program in South East Vancouver for refugee and immigrant families. This program has been built and funded through UCV generosity.

Jen is a former Associate Director of the Children and Youth program at UCV.

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September 2 2018 - Growing Eden (634.4 KiB)

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2018-09-02 Growing Eden In The Heart Of The City (Jen Rashleigh) (95.5 KiB)


Re-Connecting to Life

Our world is on the edge. The situation is urgent, and suddenly we have startling opportunities. Our responses as global citizens can regenerate a civilization with more joy, abundance, and life-affirming relationships than most people and other creatures experience now. Collaborative grassroots energies are “connecting to life” together for a fair and equitable future. This is rooted in shared awareness of the interdependence of all life, a universal ethic of dignity and respect, and the priority of love and care for the ecosystems of earth, including humans.

Louise is a current Board Member of the MultiFaith Action Society (MAS), the oldest interfaith organization in Canada. For over 40 years MAS has fostered public and comprehensive spiritual awareness of the capacity of world religions to help nurture global peace and harmony.

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July 15 2018 - Reconnect To Life (479.8 KiB)

All My Relations

The Environment Committee is honoured to present Aline LaFlamme as guest speaker for the Earth Day service. Aline will share the Aboriginal world view with a focus on how all things in Creation are viewed and how that impacts our sense of ourselves in relation to all life forms. This results in a Bill of Responsibilities rather than a Bill of Rights.

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April 22 2018 - All My Relations (501.6 KiB)

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Spring Awakening A whole congregation worship service

The seasons continue cycling through the year. We stand at the mid-point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Many cultures celebrate this occasion by saying farewell to winter and welcoming spring. We’ll be doing it too, drawing on Jewish, pagan and Japanese sources.
Expect stories about trees, fish and incantations driving out demons and welcoming in happiness.
Chalice Choir sings.

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February 02 2018 -Spring Awakening (756.9 KiB)

Do Trees have Rights?

Unitarians promise to “affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Some recent, and truly remarkable, court cases and legislation are making this affirmation even more meaningful.
In view of our principles and the sources of our living tradition, and in honour of Tu B’Shevat – the festival of trees and the environment – exploring the legal standing of trees, rivers and the land seems particularly relevant today.

( BTW it’s bring a friend Sunday.)
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January 28 2018 - Trees Have Rights (771.6 KiB)



The Future: Pessimistic or Optimistic?

Recently, I was asked this question: “Are you pessimistic or optimistic about the future?” To be sure, there are reasons
enough to be less than cheerful about what is to be. And yet, and yet…

I want to share a real story about a shepherd in northern England that gives me hope.
This is a First Sunday of the month, so it’s an all ages, whole congregation worship service.

Prepare to meet some sheep!