The Outer Limits of Education

William Bruneau The last two decades have been difficult years for the public education system in British Columbia, and North America for that matter. Yet there are reasons to be hopeful. How far can public education help to make a foundation for a universalist morality/ethic? Is it possible to educate for compassion and kindness, but without making education an instrument of propaganda? Mr. Bruneau is a retired UBC professor and former school trustee with an abiding interest in education.

So, What Is Spirit Play?

You may have heard of Spirit Play. It happens in Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist Religious Education classes all over North America for our three to ten year olds. Is it a play? What kind of play? Or is it a methodology? Why and how is it different from other religious education instruction, and why do adults ask to learn about their Unitarian roots, principles and sources with the Spirit Play methodology when they hear about it? Come and see how Joy Silver unveils the mystery of Spirit Play.