An Experience in Shared Ministry

As UUs we are keenly aware of the Interdependent Web of Existence. The concept is enshrined in our core seven principles. When it comes to ministry, interdependence means that we all share the ministry of the church and minister to each other. I recently was on the receiving end of this collective ministry when I was critically ill and hospitalised for an extended period of time. In this service I will share my experience with you along with some thoughts about shared ministry. Order of Service: Listen:

A Pilgrim’s Story: Walking the Camino de Santiago Stories, Impressions and Lessons

The Camino de Santiago in northern Spain is one of the most important pilgrimage routes in the Catholic Church. Over 200,000 pilgrims arrive in Santiago de Compostela annually. Pilgrims come from around the world to walk at least 100 km and often more than 800 km. We are a diverse group ranging in age, faith, language and purpose. We may start by walking alone, but we often end up in groups, and in partners. All of us make our own discoveries, and many of us are changed by our experience. Listen:

Degrees of Freedom

Is free will truly free? How capable are we of exercising true freedom? An exploration of choice and predetermination, and the places where our decisions can make a difference in the way we shape our lives. Speaker: Bryan Gick Bryan Gick is a member of our congregation. Professor and Head of the UBC Linguistics Department, a Senior Scientist at Yale’s Haskins Laboratories, and a recently named Guggenheim Fellow. Author of over 100 published articles and author/editor of several books, including The Oneida Creation Story, Gick’s research spans fields from neuroscience to philosophy, pediatrics to electrical engineering, with the goal of understanding how human bodies and brains create spoken communication. Pianist: Elaine Joe   Listen

Foolish Wisdom: Tricksters, Unitarians, and the Sacred Messiness of Change

Certainty is comforting. When things are certain, we know what to expect, how to react. And then, of course, life happens. Tricksters are boundary-crossers, game changers, the epitome of unexpectedness. What can they teach us about making mistakes, getting dirty, and the sacred role of laughter in our creative spiritual work? Speaker: Leonie Armstrong Pianist: Eric Wyness

“Forge Ahead”

Every spring, we launch into our annual pledge drive. It’s a crucial time in our congregation – the outcome of pledging determines the strength of our programs, staffing and impact both within and beyond our community. Speaker: Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson