Topic: Children

Mother’s Day and Flower Communion

The Flower Communion is a central rite for Unitarians around the world. At UCV it coincides with Mother’s Day, celebrating how our individual contributions to mentoring/parenting/mothering enable our children and young people to grow up and flourish as adults.
Please bring some flowers to share! (We’ll also hear something about the phenomenon of emotional/interpretive labour.)
Helen Hansen vocals and Michael Creber piano and the Chalice Choir sings.

Order of Service

May 12 2019 - Mothers Day Flower Communion (467.0 KiB)


Finding Balance

In this First Sunday all – congregation worship service we’ll be exploring ways in which we can be a people of balance. The ideal and practice of finding balance has been a key feature in religions, the sciences, the arts, and in our lived encounter with the rhythms of nature and the stages of our own lives.

Order of Service

May 5 2019 - Finding Balance (459.3 KiB)

Creativity A First Sunday, all-congregation worship service.

Claiming not to have all the answers to life’s question means Unitarians have tended to value creativity in our theology, congregational life, and in our homes, work and personal lives. Thinking, wondering, imagination, fluidity, and awe are hallmarks of creativity and our Unitarian way.

Let’s celebrate how it adds value to our play, problem solving and justice making (to name a few).

Order of Service

March 3 2019 - Creativity (594.2 KiB)

Perseverance, and all-congregation worship service

“To continue steadfastly at something…”. That is what we’ll be exploring during this all-congregation, First Sunday worship service. In a time full of distractions, in cultures that pump out fads, fashions and makeovers, is there a place and value in our lives for persisting in a role, in striving with determination to attain a goal?

Progressive communities may be adept at “changing with the times.” When do we say that persevering is and can be of worth?

Patrick Dubois, music

The Chalice Choir sings

Order of Service

February 3 2019 - Perseverance (421.0 KiB)



It’s not listed in our Unitarian Seven Principles or among the Sources of our living tradition: Courage. Ancient cultures esteemed it as a principal virtue. Does it have a place in our lives and world today? If so, how and why?
This is First Sunday, all-congregation worship service. Prepare for some audience participation.

Order of Service

November 4 2018 - Courage (528.8 KiB)

An Intergenerational Winter Solstice

Robin and Owl argue over which is better: day or night? But what if we only have one or the other? Anyone can show up and don a mask or costume to join those with rehearsed parts.

We explore the need for balance within our own life, within nature and within society. Come celebrate the darkest part of the year and the return of light to come.