Topic: Ceremonies and Rituals

Labyrinth or maze? Reflections 20 years later

Karen Bartlett and Mary Bennett created a temporary labyrinth and led a worship service 20 years ago. This summer they will reflect on their continuing interest. They’ll share the history of the two labyrinths on our site and  invite you to use labyrinths as meditation and as metaphor.

Order of Service

19.07.07 Labyrinth Or Maze (588.3 KiB)


2019-07-07 Labyrinth Or Maze (850.3 KiB)


Air Communion

Each year, our worship services feature classic elements of water, earth, and fire as means for celebrating our communion as a congregation. We share feelings and thoughts together in fellowship when we bring water in September, flowers on Mother’s Day and when we kindle flames on the last Sunday of the year. Today, we bring air, the fourth element to our service. Come prepared to breathe.

Order of Service

May 26 2019 - Air Communion (369.8 KiB)

Encountering our Ancestors XIV

It’s the season of Samhain/Halloween/Day of the Dead. For the fourteenth time, we summon eminent ancestors from our Unitarian Universalist history to experience their stories.

Join us to welcome these visitors from the past: an occasion to reckon our good fortune as heirs of an amazing religious tradition.

Walt Whitman poem here:

See previous Ancestors services at:

Order of Service

October 28 2018 - Encountering Our Ancestors XIV-1 (1.8 MiB)

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2018-10-28 Encountering Our Ancestors XIV – Wiszowaty Greg Farmer Stevenson (74.6 KiB)

Encountering our Ancestors XIV

Water Communion / In-Gathering

We celebrate the in-gathering of our congregation and the beginning of its 2018 – 19 year with our annual Water Communion. Please bring some water from your summer experiences, as well as an object like a photo, seashell, stone, or feather, that’s special to you.

We’ll fill our common bowl and create an altar.

The Chalice Choir sings.

Order of Service

September 9 2018 - Water Gathering (566.9 KiB)

Air Communion Service by Louise Bunn

See below for a link to Louise’s sermon, readings and chart of correspondences.

Each year, our services include Water Communion, Flower (Earth) Communion, and Fire Communion. With this service, we complete the cycle of the four classical elements with an Air Communion. Come prepared to breathe.

Order of Service

August 12 2018 - Air Communion (622.8 KiB)

August 12 2018 - Air Communion Insert 1 (28.8 KiB)

August 12 2018 - Air Communion Insert 2 (77.7 KiB)


Air Communion Homily (106.3 KiB)

Coming of Age Bridging and Fathers’ Day

How does the universe work? How should we treat one another? What does it mean to create real change?

These are some of the questions our 11 to 14-year olds have been thinking about in their Coming of Age group this year. They will share what they’ve learned about Unitarianism, social justice, and their own religious beliefs before bridging into youth group.

Order of Service

June 17 2018 - Coming Of Age (484.7 KiB)

Fire Communion

In between the closing of the old year and the unfurling of the new, we come together in a ritual of reflection, letting go, and looking forward. Fire Communion is an opportunity to cast the emotional baggage of the old year into the flames and, lighter in spirit, set our intentions for the year to come.

Water Ceremony

Today marks the beginning of our 2017/18 congregational year at UCV. We celebrate the event with our annual Water Ceremony where we bring and merge water gathered from our summer journeys.

Please bring some water from travels near and far as we launch a year of spiritual enrichment, education, congregational service, and justice making.

Please be prepared to share what you hope to bring to UCV this year.

A worship service for all ages.

The Chalice Choir sings.