Elizabeth Dunn

On Jan 19, I’ll be attending ‘Raven People Rising’ at UCV. I feel honoured and truly fortunate to be able to learn more about the Heiltsuk Nation’s powerful journey to protect their territory and surrounding ocean waters. Indigenous peoples have so much to offer settlers including myself concerning their deep spiritual connection to the land and their unwavering dedication to protect the land and waters for future generations.

Image may contain: ocean, text and waterA key part of my spiritual journey for many decades now is to keep learning how to most effectively connect with the Earth, to walk softly on the Earth and stand strong for her protection. Coastal Indigenous peoples have helped show me the importance of finding solace and inspiration in living closely with the land and waters. Their courage in the face of powers that destroy the ecosystems that sustain us is exceptional.

As a Unitarian, my Earth spirituality includes doing all I can to protect the web of life of which I am a part and Indigenous peoples including the Heiltsuk Nation are sources of inspiration and learning for me. I’m looking forward to sharing the evening’s film and discussion with others on the same journey.

Link to Facebook event.

Link to film trailer.

Photo of Elizabeth with the Environment Team 2018

Some of the Environment Team members at a monthly meeting. Elizabeth is 4th from Left, back row.

Gail Stephan

As a third generation Unitarian, I have roots here.
As an artist, I embrace our environment that acknowledges and celebrates our talents as artists, musicians, and writers.

Holding dear our expressions as creatives is precious and a blessing to celebrate.

I’m proud to bring my skills and talents forward as best I can to any project within which I am involved is a positive experience.

Participating within a group activity adds to my personal experience. Helping the project move forward has its own reward.

I believe that growing as an artist is dependent upon other people, life experiences and reflections, and the challenges that are met.

Having opportunities to work with others is a benefit.

My Flickr site… https://www.flickr.com/photos/55269324@N03/

Instagram – @gks1950

Peggy Logan

Peggy is a graduate from George Brown College Jewellery Arts program. She majored as a goldsmith and specialized in enameling. She continued her formal art education with scholarships at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and the Langara Fine Arts program in Vancouver. Year 2018 saw her graduate from Emily Carr University.

Over the years she has taught jewellery and enameling for the Vancouver School Board and Langara. Currently she teaches for Juvelisto and Soigne studios.

Her jewellery, paintings and enamels have been exhibited in group shows in Toronto, Japan, and Vancouver. In 2013, 2015 and 2017 she had one woman exhibitions of her jewellery and enamel at Ariodante Gallery in New Orleans and the Jericho Arts Club Vancouver. Currently she has work exhibited at the international departures of the YVR and Place Des Arts Coquitlam BC.

Chris Pearce

Chris Pearce is a watercolourist, a grandma of two and very active fundrai$ing for the Vancouver GoGo’s.

Caede Pungente

Caede Pungente is a multi-media visual artist who keeps busy at her sewing machine saving items from landfills by making repairs under the guise, Sewlutions.

John Voth

John Voth’s art has had numerous exhibitions at UCV. He invites members to come by his private loft gallery. By appointment only.

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart, also a member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee and Coffee Service team, is currently having a show of her work at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC. The exhibition, entitled SKIN & BONES, includes photo-based lightboxes by Catherine as well as display cases of historical animal-sourced fashion accessories from the collections of Ivan Sayers and Claus Jahnke. More about the exhibition can be found at:


Catherine’s Venus Takes Flight prints will be on display in the UCV Sanctuary in March and April 2019.

Pat MacBain

Pat’s first memory of making art is of her sitting on the back steps of their family house, drawing at age ten.

With a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Redlands, California in 1956 Pat MacBain is our longest member of the UCV Arts Committee.

Pat attended Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver and received a Diploma in Painting 1983.

She also participated in Artists in Our Midst for 8 years, and the North Shore Picture Loan for a couple of years.

While in Cornwall, England in 1961-62 Pat took a watercolour workshop and has been painting, sketching, and batiking for most of her life.

One of her Memorable moments in her studio was when a mouse ate into a tube of cadmium red oil paint, plus a nibble of burnt umber. She is pretty sure he ended up poisoned.

Elliott Dainow, Music Assistant to the Minister

Elliott began studying piano at an early age in Montreal with Bob Silverman, but drifted into choral singing when he came to Vancouver in 1980. He was a founding member of Phoenix Chamber Choir and in 1988 returned to Montreal to sing with the Tudor Singers, a professional group.

In the later 1990s, inspired by Harold Brown, he returned to the piano and began accompanying choirs – Vivaldi Chamber Choir, the Peretz Folk Choir and the Unitarian Chalice Choir. As well, he accompanies solo singers and instrumentalists. He is also part of the a cappella folk quartet Quattro and arranges some of their music.

Donna Brown, Choir Director

Donna started her musical education at seven with piano lessons at the Regina Conservatory. She loved to hear the different instruments, leading her to play many herself – clarinet, bass clarinet and oboe in her high school band; recorder, other early instruments and harp in university; and ukulele and guitar as a school teacher. Singing was also her passion, from

Donna directs the Chalice Choir and teaches Gr. 6/7 at Edith Cavell Elementary, where she also directs a children’s choir. She enjoys the challenge of each new piece, and loves that the choral experience is greater than the sum of its parts. The spirit, energy and effort involved make it truly satisfying.