Cayla Naumann

Cayla grew up in San Jose and attended the UU congregation there with her family.  For most of the past 15 years she’s lived in Victoria and moved to Vancouver in May.

After attending the annual women’s gathering in January, Cayla joined a group planning to start two new women’s groups at UCV. Here’s what she said at the initial gathering, “As someone new to Vancouver, I want to join a Women’s Group to get support from women.  I think it’s important to foster that for myself and for other women.”

She says she’s kept the Unitarians on her radar and kept intending to go. As a biologist, she says, she’s been to our “church” when she’s attended Nature Vancouver events.
Cayla is a biologist, very passionate about social justice and environmentalism. This weekend she’ll be marching with the Victoria Women’s March Canada, which she organized last year. She’d like to help  get the Vancouver chapter up and running.
Cayla’s also interested in gardening and reading/book club (some friends and she started a “Badass Ladies Book Club” in Victoria and would love to find a similar group in Vancouver).
Cayla lives not far from UCV in Marpole and is tthe volunteer admin for the Buy Nothing Marpole FB group. The motto is “give where you live.”