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Directory of small groups, committees, and teams

The featured image shows the cover of the March edition of the directory, announced in March. The latest edition is available in hard copy at the welcome table. Click here if for some reason you want to read the March directory online instead of the latest edition. For more on the latest edition, see below.

This is a small groups post. Be sure to read the post about small groups postsit is kept up to date: unlike this one it always links to a copy of the latest edition of the directory and features an image of its cover.

updated 2019-04-24 … this post now looks like the legacy post it is: here for the record and to direct you to the post about small group posts, a post updated with each new edition of the directory

About small groups posts

Small groups, committees, and teams are listed in the directory shown in the featured image. Click here to read the directory online.

Posts tagged as small groups posts form an occasional series of items of interest to people who are involved or may want to be involved with one or more of the groups listed in the directory.

Click here to see a list of all posts tagged as small groups posts. Each entry includes a snippet view of the post.

See also the UCV website page Small Groups for its links to helpful offsite resources.

updated 2019-04-24 … this post about small groups posts links to a copy of the latest directory and features an image of its cover