Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson

Religion: What Is It Good For?

…Absolutely something! Hint: it’s probably not dogma and theology; and if not, then what? Why do we do religion? Why does it endure in spite of everything even among people like Unitarians?

Spring Awakening A whole congregation worship service

The seasons continue cycling through the year. We stand at the mid-point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Many cultures celebrate this occasion by saying farewell to winter and welcoming spring. We’ll be doing it too, drawing on Jewish, pagan and Japanese sources. Expect stories about trees, fish and incantations driving out demons and welcoming in happiness. Chalice Choir sings. Order of Service

Do Trees have Rights?

Unitarians promise to “affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Some recent, and truly remarkable, court cases and legislation are making this affirmation even more meaningful. In view of our principles and the sources of our living tradition, and in honour of Tu B’Shevat – the festival of trees and the environment – exploring the legal standing of trees, rivers and the land seems particularly relevant today. ( BTW it’s bring a friend Sunday.) The Chalice Choir sings Order of Service: Listen:

Is Nature Thriving?

It may come as quite a surprise, but there’s a growing dissident view coming from some ecologists that nature is not about to give up. While some news is really bad, nature may be thriving in spite of, and in many instances because of, human engagement with the world. The Chalice Choir sings Order of Service: Listen:

The Future: Pessimistic or Optimistic?

Recently, I was asked this question: “Are you pessimistic or optimistic about the future?” To be sure, there are reasons enough to be less than cheerful about what is to be. And yet, and yet… I want to share a real story about a shepherd in northern England that gives me hope. This is a First Sunday of the month, so it’s an all ages, whole congregation worship service. Prepare to meet some sheep! Listen:

The Day Before Christmas

That’s right! Christmas Eve day falls on a Sunday this year and we’re not taking a “Bah humbug!” attitude. Join us for stories and carols. This is a worship service for all ages. Read:

Christmas Eve Celebration

On this evening, we gather with candles, carols and story to commemorate our fellowship and the gifts of the season. Bring your family and friends. All are invited to this service for all ages.

The Invention of Air

We celebrate the beginning of the Advent season with a trip to the past and a rendezvous with the 18th Century Unitarian minister and scientist, Joseph Priestley, a radical in religion, science and politics. His scientific experiments, inspired by progressive religious beliefs, led to breathtaking, path-breaking discoveries. These discoveries reinforced his optimistic hope that great good arises when science, reason and religion provoke and converse with each other. This is a worship service for all ages.

Nature will be My Language— A Close Encounter with Thoreau

Dismissed by most of his contemporaries as a failed and strange outsider, Henry David Thoreau has come to be seen as one of North America’s foundational writers. He directly influenced Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. and prophetically heralded the rise of ecological sciences, the environmental movement, and the turn to Nature in Unitarian theology. Thoreau is author of “Walden” and “On Civil Disobedience”. We celebrate his 200th anniversary. The Chalice Choir sings. Read: Listen: