Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson

On Gratitude and the Power of Life

Continuing in the spirit of our Thanksgiving season, in word, music and art, we’ll share thoughts and feelings about the things we are grateful for and the power of life we enjoy. We welcome all ages to this worship service.

The Protestant Reformation and the Beginnings of Unitarianism

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation – events that fundamentally changed the face of European culture, politics, and religion. We’ll highlight major themes, identify the rise and nature of new religions, and describe how what became Unitarianism arose during those fateful decades in the 16th century.

The Past Forty Years and an Idea that Changed Our World

Some say it began about 1979, the rise of an idea – let’s call it neo-liberalism – that became a near global ideology. This ideology venerates the logic of the market and seeks to redefine the things that make us human. This will be an exploration of the times we live in and a time to question and affirm our values. Order of Service:  Listen:

Living Our Vision Now

What would a visionary congregation look like and what steps do we take to achieve it? Drawing from the new Vision statements of our congregation and the Canadian Unitarian Council, we’ll explore how we can deepen our spiritual lives, grow and enrich our congregation, and advocate for love and justice. Order of Service:  Listen:  

Water Ceremony

Today marks the beginning of our 2017/18 congregational year at UCV. We celebrate the event with our annual Water Ceremony where we bring and merge water gathered from our summer journeys. Please bring some water from travels near and far as we launch a year of spiritual enrichment, education, congregational service, and justice making. Please be prepared to share what you hope to bring to UCV this year. A worship service for all ages. The Chalice Choir sings.

Thoughts on Canada at 150

It only comes around once – the occasion to recognize the 150th anniversary of Canada becoming an independent, modern nation. A good time to take stock of the road we have traveled so far, and a glimpse of things to come. Tamiko Suzuki Setty Pendakur Geoff Gomery (read by Sasha Gomery) Olivia Hall Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson Music by Jane Slemon and friends Listen:    

How Nature and Nurture Have Helped Men Be Better Fathers

On this Father’s Day, we will consider how the role and contribution of fathering has taken some fascinating and sometimes underappreciated turns for the better. We will also be celebrating the bridging of some of our fabulous teens out of the Youth Program and into the Young Adult world. Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson Order of Service: Read:  Listen: 

The Paradox of “Civilization” and Liberation

What happens when colonial powers impose beliefs, values, and institutions – both religious and secular – on occupied communities? I will be using examples from India, Algeria and Canada. This is in acknowledgment of Truth and Reconciliation Sunday. Speaker: Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson Music by Aline LaFlamme and friends. Daughters of the Drum

Interdependence Interrogated and Affirmed?

A year ago, Canadian Unitarians affirmed a new Vision Statement for our denomination with the concept of interdependence at its core. The Chalice Choir sings. Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson Listen:  Order of Service:  Read:  As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we envision a world in which our interdependence calls us to love and justice. These 5 Aspirations guide us in living out our faith: As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we are Deeply Connected, Radically Inclusive, Actively Engaged, Theologically Alive, and Spiritually Grounded.

Mother’s Day/Flower Communion

The Flower Communion is a central rite for Unitarians around the world. At our congregation, it coincides nicely with Mother’s Day, celebrating how our individual contributions to mentoring/parenting/ mothering enable our children and young people to grow up and flourish as adults. Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson Listen:  May 14 – Mothers Day 2017 (361.0 KiB)