Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson

The Invention of Air

We celebrate the beginning of the Advent season with a trip to the past and a rendezvous with the 18th Century Unitarian minister and scientist, Joseph Priestley, a radical in religion, science and politics. His scientific experiments, inspired by progressive religious beliefs, led to breathtaking, path-breaking discoveries. These discoveries reinforced his optimistic hope that great good arises when science, reason and religion provoke and converse with each other. This is a worship service for all ages.

Nature will be My Language— A Close Encounter with Thoreau

Dismissed by most of his contemporaries as a failed and strange outsider, Henry David Thoreau has come to be seen as one of North America’s foundational writers. He directly influenced Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. and prophetically heralded the rise of ecological sciences, the environmental movement, and the turn to Nature in Unitarian theology. Thoreau is author of “Walden” and “On Civil Disobedience”. We celebrate his 200th anniversary. The Chalice Choir sings. Listen:

In Memoriam: Remembrance Day

We commemorate this year’s Remembrance Day with a service of meditations, in word and music, on the tragedy of war and the gift of nature and peace. The Chalice Choir sings.

When Minds Crack the Light Might Get In: A Spiritual Perspective on Mental and Emotional Breakdown

Trauma and other misfortune can lead to deep crisis, misery, and misdirected lives,but our darkest moments are also opportunities to discover spiritual truths that can otherwise be invisible. When we recognize the possibility of breakthrough during times of breakdown and dysfunction, we gain a deeper appreciation of the mysteries of life and spirit as well as increased ability to reach out to others who may be struggling. Join us for what will be a thoughtprovoking and moving service. Listen:

Encountering our Ancestors XIII

It’s the season of Samhain/Halloween/Day of the Dead. For the thirteenth time, we summon eminent ancestors from our Unitarian Universalist history to experience their stories. Join us to welcome these visitors from the past: an occasion to reckon our good fortune as heirs of an amazing religious tradition. Listen:

UN Sunday and Gibbard Award

Join us for a celebration of UN Sunday and the opportunity to meet and hear from this year’s UN Gibbard Award winner. “The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all”? We still affirm this principle and extend our support for the vision and effective work of the UN. The Chalice Choir sings.

On Gratitude and the Power of Life

Continuing in the spirit of our Thanksgiving season, in word, music and art, we’ll share thoughts and feelings about the things we are grateful for and the power of life we enjoy. We welcome all ages to this worship service.

The Protestant Reformation and the Beginnings of Unitarianism

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation – events that fundamentally changed the face of European culture, politics, and religion. We’ll highlight major themes, identify the rise and nature of new religions, and describe how what became Unitarianism arose during those fateful decades in the 16th century.

The Past Forty Years and an Idea that Changed Our World

Some say it began about 1979, the rise of an idea – let’s call it neo-liberalism – that became a near global ideology. This ideology venerates the logic of the market and seeks to redefine the things that make us human. This will be an exploration of the times we live in and a time to question and affirm our values. Order of Service:  Listen: