Rev. Dr. Phillip Hewett

Thanksgiving in a Bent World

The phrase bent world comes from a movingly beautiful sonnet by Gerard Manley Hopkins, which yet expresses his grounds for thanksgiving. In today’s even more bent and battered world, what do we in our turn find to be thankful for? The Chalice Choir sings. Listen:

Living through Unitarian Change

Our Minister Emeritus writes: “When I was seventeen I left the church of my upbringing to become a Unitarian. Why? “Now, seventy-five years later, I am still a Unitarian. Why?

The Unitarian Way

January 18, 2015 Rev. Dr. Phillip Hewett The Unitarian Way

Hear the Earth Call

24 Apr 2005 – Hear The Earth Call – Phillip Hewett (28.4 KiB) Hear the Earth Call Phillip Hewett April 24, 2005