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Thoughts on Canada at 150

It only comes around once – the occasion to recognize the 150th anniversary of Canada becoming an independent, modern nation. A good time to take stock of the road we have traveled so far, and a glimpse of things to come. Tamiko Suzuki Setty Pendakur Geoff Gomery (read by Sasha Gomery) Olivia Hall Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson Music by Jane Slemon and friends Listen:    

Celebrate Easter? YES!

Over the years, we’ve celebrated Easter at UCV with pageants, rolling away stones, and with sermons. This year, in a worship service for all ages, we’ll take Easter into our own hands by creating a banner, a living altar and telling Easter stories. Hopefully, a lively, meaningful time will be had by all.

Christmas Carol-Sing/Potluck – 2 pm

We’ll gather in the Sanctuary, then move to the Hewett Hall for a bite to eat and holiday fun. Bring a dish and your carol singing voices. Join with UCV members and friends—Christmas cheer for all ages!

Candlelight Service – 7:30 pm

A UCV tradition: worship, the spoken word, seasonal carols and music. Features the Chalice Choir. We honour the festivals of December and the beginning of a new year. All are invited. Childcare provided. Light dessert potluck after the service. Please bring a dish and stick around.

Encountering Our Ancestors XII 2016

October 30, 2016 Encountering our Ancestors XII Rev. Steven Epperson with guests from the past Music: The “Ghost” Trio – Allegro vivace  The “Ghost” Trio – Presto (excerpt) The “Ghost” Trio – Lento (excerpt)       L. van Beethoven Pat Armstrong, violin; Heather Hay, cello; E. Dainow, piano Encountering our Ancestors XII (scripts by Steven Epperson) To celebrate the memory of our ancestors: A Samhain Invocation with Louise Bunn Rev. William Bentley   (1759 – 1819)  Unitarian Minister/ Journalist/ Linguist Mabel Osgood Wright   (1859 – 1934)  Naturalist/ Author William Stanley Jevons   (1835 – 1832)  Economist/ Philosopher Lydia Moss Bradley   (1816 – 1908)  Business Woman/ Philanthropist  

Encountering Our Ancestors XI

 Ancestors (clock-wise from upper right): Kate Austin Cooper, Paul Best, Caleb Rich*, Olive Higgins Prouty Music:  Bagatelles  Beethoven  (1) E. Dainow, piano “Beethoven” / Rosemary Brown** Bagatelle  op.119 no. 11  Beethoven Encountering our Ancestors XI (scripts by Steven Epperson) To celebrate the memory of our ancestors: A Samhain Invocation*** Paul Best (1590–1657)  Early English Unitarian    Eric Wyness Caleb Rich  (1750–1821)      Universalist Preacher    Bennett Mitten Kate Austin Cooper  (1864–1902) Universalist/Anarchist  Leonie Armstrong Olive Higgins Prouty  (1882–1974)   Author  Naomi Taylor *Photo of Richard Eddy, stand in for Caleb Rich. ** Rosemary Brown claimed that the great composers transmitted or dictated their newest compositions to her. So it is appropriate  to play one of these pieces at this time of year when the veil between the living and the dead is said to be the thinnest.   Elliott *** Modern Pagans view the world as a great Circle, majestically turning through the four Quarters of the … Continued

Encountering Our Ancestors X (2014)

Encountering Our Ancestors X Rev. Steven Epperson and guests from the past – November 2, 2014 – 11:00 am – Music: Mazurkas    F. Chopin Mazurka     Chopin via Rosemary Brown* Mazurka     F. Chopin performed by E. Dainow To celebrate the memory of our ancestors: A Samhain Invocation** With Mary Murray and Fritz Muntean Encountering our Ancestors X (scripts by Steven Epperson) Lelio Sozzini    (1525 – 1562)   Theologian   Colin Cameron Maria Cook    (1779 – 1835)   Universalist Preacher        Leonie Armstrong Margaret Benedictsson  (1866 – 1956)   Women’s Rights Activist   Thora Gislason William Carlos Williams   (1883 – 1963)   Doctor/Poet   Keith Wilkinson Closing Hymn       God Bless the Grass Malvina Reynolds     performed by E. Dainow * At this time of year the veil between living and dead is said to be thinnest and so these pieces seem appropriate. In the ’60’s, “Chopin and other composers were busily transmitting new compositions to … Continued