Social Media and Communications

Thanks to a growing team of volunteers, we have recently been able to increase our outreach. The Communications Team meets two or three times a year. A lot goes on between meetings with individuals and sub-groups taking on tasks.


Our youtube channel has been mobilized. Here’s the link for Rev. Phillip Hewett’s Memorial Service and memories shared after the service.


People from across Canada and beyond have been so appreciative of being able to attend Phillip Hewett’s memorial service through youtube.

Among the notes I’ve received is one from Patricia Pavey (previously Yates) who attended UCV some time ago and is the composer of our “Carry the Flame” benediction. (And in case you’re wondering about the extra part that some congregations sing, that part was added by Louise Taylor who was music director at the Victoria congregation.)

We have podcasts of Sunday sermons

Click here to find the most recent three sermons–and check back regularly.

Our Closed Facebook Group

On advice from other congregations, we’ve now set up a Facebook Group (for community communications) that complements our Facebook page (for external/outreach communication). Our page has over 800 “Likes”.

Note: you can see what’s on our Facebook page at even if you’re not on Facebook. If you are one of the 108 members who are on Facebook – please go there regularly and like, comment and share. That’s how we increase our reach.

Volunteers Needed

We need more help to continue to do this work, however. Many of the tasks such as editing videos (adding title pages, tweaking sound and light) take a lot of time. We need at least two more people if we’re to continue video-recording (with or without live streaming) some of our events. Some ongoing tasks would only take about 15-30 minutes each week.

Attracting and Welcoming Visitors Using Social Media

Are you interested in how Unitarian congregations can use social media well? I liked this article by Peter Bowden, emphasizing how much research visitors do before showing up in person and how important it is to respond very quickly to them.


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