Herbs and Four Directions

Altar set up for a summer solstice celebration with noisemakers, colours and herbs representing the four directions/ elements.

In our earth spirit gatherings, we call the four directions (or elements)–a metaphor for bringing into our awareness various qualities that provide balance in our lives and relationships.

We will celebrate summer solstice on the garden path labyrinth with a ritual starting at 2:30pm on Sunday June 17th by including various correspondences representing the four elements.

There will be baskets of the following herbs – available for enjoying – and taking a sprig of each home with you.

East – Air – Lavender

South – Fire – Rosemary / Bay Leaf

West – Water – Thyme

North – Earth – Sage

We’ll have a few noisemakers representing the four elements/ directions and a special treat for summer play as well! The colours we use as correspondences are below:

East – Tin flute – Yellow

South – Bell – Red

West – Rainstick – Blue

North – Drum – Green




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