UCV Web and Social Media Training 2

Mon, Apr 9, 2018 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The communications team invites chairs (or their delegates) of our committees to attend a two-hour training session to learn about:

  1. how to create a news post and a one-time event on our website*
  2. how facebook works to pick up the news posts
  3. how you can help spread our news through email, facebook and twitter
  4. the new poster design for 11×17 posters and how to create one using MS Publisher
  5. how the website works to put items in different places on the website (i.e. events automatically show up in various pages)

Bring your own laptop, tablet or smart phone.


This is a working session. Bring with you at least one event and one news post that your committee wants on the website. If details are not yet finalized, you can input the information and save as a draft to be completed later. Best to bring as an electronic file (word, body of email) with no formatting. For an event you need a start and end date and time; the room or location.

Must pre-register.

Expectation is that participants will attend the full two hours and make their own notes. The group may work together to create shared notes and images of the session to share with others in the UCV community. If you can help in this regard, contact Mary.

*This introductory session covers basics of logging on and doing a very basic news post and event,

For those who have successfully learned this level, there will be further training available on

  • inserting images and a featured image (and why)
  • putting in internal and external links
  • changing the “slug” – URL – of your post
  • creating or editing a recurring event (i.e. every week or month on the same day)

Send a note to Mary if there are other topics you would like covered.



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