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No partner or experience is needed. Dances are always taught and reviewed.

There are usually three sacred circle dance times each month plus an occasional special event. No partners or experience needed. Sacred circle dance is a worldwide spiritual practice originating with the spiritual community at Findhorn in Scotland. Mary maintains a blog about the dances and music we use.  Send an email if you want more information or to subscribe to an e-newsletter about circle dance.

Wear comfortable clothes. Many wear long skirts but you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Our mantra is: There are no wrong steps only variations. Yes, people with “two left feet” are very welcome.

These are self-care circles.

The facilitator can help you adapt the dance for any physical issues you may experience. For instance, some people don’t spin around or raise their arms. Often people sit out a dance or two and just watch.

If you happen to come in late, just wait till the start of the next dance.

Usually we end each dance by holding hands for a while and sinking into the feeling of the dance.

We break about half way through and sometimes someone has brought a snack to share. We almost always have water and tea out for participants.

Usual Location: Hewett Centre Hall (or try Sanctuary stage for Sunday afternoons or Lindsey-Priestley in the Hall for GLAD)

For more information send an email. 

Mary’s Sacred Circle Dance Blog.

G.L.A.D. Gathering for Labyrinth, Art and Dance  

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Join us for a meditative and creative daytime experience combining dance, art and labyrinth walking.

Join us for a meditative and creative daytime experience.

Usually the sequence is like this:

11-11:30 – gathering and dancing

11:30-12 noon – easy art (colouring, painting rocks)

12-12:30 – walk the labyrinth or continue with art

12:30-1pm – more circle dance including favorites from the earlier session.

Questions? Send an email.