Learning Overview

Up to 3-years-old – Childcare

Childcare is available and is provided by two trained and paid staff. The childcare room is on the main floor of Hewett Centre.

Sunday Program Components

Our program for ages 3-12 consists of a core curriculum for each age group punctuated by special events, garden days, and fellowship with each other, youth, and adults.

3-5 years old: Chalice Children

Children entering preschool or kindergarten will be exploring their sense of wonder and respect for the world through this Tapestry of Faith program. Through art, story, play, and friendship children will grow their sense of belonging to the congregation, celebrate the diversity of families, individuals, and ways of being in the world, learn the importance of sharing and expressing love, and develop hope for a just and fair world.

6-8, and 9-12 years old: Celebrating Our Origins in the Universe

“We all evolved from the dust of exploded stars!” Our understanding of Cosmology is our Creation Story of the 21st century. This class is the product of putting two Unitarians, one a cosmologist (and UU minister) and the other an early childhood educator, together. Our early and late elementary school age children will concurrently explore the origins of the Universe, the Earth, and human beings on the Earth. Each week we will learn about different aspects of cosmology and evolution. We will be actively engaged in exploration and discovery even planning our own experiments. We will be organizing a family star gazing field trip at some opportune time of the fall or winter!

Family Events

Sunday Tea with the DRE

I am initiating a new quarterly post-service gathering in the Fireside Room forum. This will be a chance for parents, children and youth to connect more directly about how life at church is going, family needs and concerns, interests, and idea sharing. It is an informal time to get to know each other more fully. We will provide tea/coffee, snacks, and extended childcare for the younger ones—outside when weather permits.

Messy Church MAKE Dinner

Messy Church has become a beloved tradition over the past two years and it will be continuing. The second Friday of each month from 6 pm – 9 pm (cooking and set-up start at 5 pm) we will meet to eat together, play, sing, create, and take-apart together. The child care room is staffed, so parents have an opportunity to relax and connect together while the kids play. We’ll meet again in September. Summer Harvest Pizza and Salad. Here are the dates.


Grades 8-12 – Youth Group


Adult Religious Education

The congregation offers a variety of programs, some short-term and others ongoing. These are a good opportunity to get to know people outside of Sunday worship services.

If you have an idea for an Adult program, please contact our parish minister,

Upcoming Adult programs.