New — Earth spirit circle dance gatherings in the summer

NEW: Earth Spirit ritual and circle dance gatherings

Summertime and the living is easy.
While our regular Monday and Tuesday evening circle dance gatherings are on hiatus, we’ve decided to combine two of our interests and put together a combo: earth spirit ritual with circle dance.
Coordinated by Mairy Beam and Mary Bennett, we will combine some earth spirit components with probably 8 or so circle dances.  As always with circle dance, this is a self-care circle – so if you want to sit out or adapt the steps to suit your body’s preferences, that’s absolutely fine.
We will start out with casting a circle, calling in the four directions and honouring the divine masculine and feminine. We’ll use a combination of readings, lighting candles and dances that correspond to this sequence.
In the middle we will do more circle dancing related to the season and some earth-centred activity (planting, harvesting, making) and then end the evening with opening the circle with devocations and a closing dance/chant.
We will likely dance to some or all of these pagan chants in each session
Summer time Songs
Pedacitos del Sol (Little pieces of the sun)
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