Coffee (and tea and juice and water) Can You Help?

It’s a new year and it’s time to make sure we have coffee on Sundays! We’ve been without a coordinator for some time and there are serious gaps in the schedule. Many regulars have been pitching in—doing double or even triple duty. Catherine made a lovely pitch at the New Members Breakfast, recently saying she found the kitchen a friendly place where you can easily meet some other members while engaged in a useful but not all that demanding task.

Of course it’s only “not all that demanding” if we have a full team of volunteers.

Although none of our brand new members have signed up as yet, I as Chair of Connect & Engage” thought in the interests of receiving coffee, I could do a short-term coordination to get the system going again. (I do like having coffee available.)

Of the desired four volunteers per Sunday (two to set up and two to serve and clean up), almost half of the slots are available. Also Amy is away in Japan for several months and Hanno recently broke her arm. So we’re even thinner on the ground than the schedule looks.

Some congregations use their website to sign people up for these kinds of volunteer tasks. I think itt could work for us. Signing up at this link is just for January–although a note to saying you’re willing to volunteer for a once-a-month shift would be very appreciated. Once you sign up, you can go back and change your commitment if you need to.

Can you volunteer for one shift for January? Please add your name and email here.

If that doesn’t work for you, you’re also invited to just drop by and see if the person/people in the kitchen could do with some help.  Even a very short time and a task like putting out the milk and sugar would be appreciated.

For the volunteer sign-up I’ve put two volunteers for the regular shifts and added two more very specific ones. I gather both don’t take a lot of time but are really important!  If the coffee urn isn’t put on before the service, we’re in big trouble. And I’m not the only one who sometimes emerges from the forum and is relieved if my coffee cup can still make it into the dishwasher.

Mary Bennett

PS There are some notices up in the kitchen for “how to do coffee.”  For most of us, it’s easier to learn from another human being, so sign up with an experienced volunteer to learn the system, and then the paper notices will be a good reminder for when you’re the experienced volunteer.


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