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Environmental Arts and Crafts

Sandy made this decorative piece from dried day lily leaves and various organic objects tied into the braid.

On October 21, Sandy will provide the materials and instruction for you to make your own as a fall decor piece.

Decorating your home with seasonal craft projects can … read more.

Connect with Unitarians Near You

Neighbourhood Groups

We’re (re-)initiating neighbourhood groups for Unitarians around Metro Vancouver.

Each neighbourhood group will develop their own ideas about when, where, how and why to meet.

How often do the groups meet?

In terms of frequency, they might decide to meet monthly at a regular time, or, more … read more.

Herbology at Hogwarts’ Summer Camp

Among the activities the kids did who attended our first annual Hogwarts’ Summer Camp was a course in Herbology. All four houses made an echinacea tincture using plants from our garden, apple cider vinegar and mason jars.  It’s “cooking” as we … read more.

Abundance in the Vegetable Gardens

Those of us who tend a veggie plot on the north side of Hewett Hall are enjoying the produce–and enjoying sharing the abundance with others.

Two of our young families took over a plot (38″ square). Here are Jeonga, Goan and Haram with their first vegetable … read more.

Privilege Through an NVC Lens

Invite to a CUUWA Event

Monday, August 20th at noon
The Canadian Unitarian Universalist Women’s Association (CUUWA) is sponsoring a free online presentation, and we’re all invited!
Presented by Catherine Strickland, a Non Violent Communication (NVC) practitioner, this session will apply the NVC lens to privilege … read more.

Our Gardens Are Growing

Yesterday I’d harvested a lot of leaf lettuce–some to give away and some to make a salad for the annual Environment team potluck and yearly planning.

I’d created a bowl full and put out with some parsley and green onions and zucchini for people to take.

Just … read more.