Author: George Atherton

About small groups posts

Small groups, committees, and teams are listed in the directory shown in the featured image. Click here to read the directory online.

Posts tagged as small groups posts form an occasional series of items of interest to people who are involved or may want to … read more.

Tracking down a past sermon

Are people talking about a great sermon you missed? Help is at hand. Read on.

The prepared texts of selected sermons are stored on the UCV website. Links to those before 2018 are here. Links to more recent ones are included in descriptions of … read more.

Grow community as well as a garden

Nina Rashleigh, grandmother to Owen, mother and mother-in-law to former DREs Jen and Morgan, has a message for anyone at UCV who would love to grow vegetables and flowers but doesn’t have access to a garden. She writes:

I have a good size garden in Kerrisdale … read more.

About lit stall posts

Posts tagged as lit stall posts form an occasional series of items of possible interest to lit stall volunteers and to people who visit the lit stall. You can see a list of all posts with that tag – and a snippet view of each … read more.