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Reconciliation “Network”

Why a Reconciliation “Network”?

Many of us are actively involved with reconciliation.  Many of us have questions and aren’t sure where to turn for answers.  Many of us would like opportunities to learn more and to have dialogue with others.  In acknowledging all of this, our … read more.

Building Bridges Workshop – Mar 30, 2019

Save the date of March 30, 2019, for an experiential workshop at UCV, “Building Bridges Through Understanding the Village,” to help us learn more about First Nations ways and values and the impact of colonization with facilitator, Kathi Camilleri.
Learning outcomes include:
– A cognitive and emotional understanding … read more.

Summertime and Children’s Program

June 25 is the last day for the planned Children’s program until September 17.
Note: child care continues over summer. Some small group activities may be planned by parents and RE teachers.

Art Exhibits – May, June, July 2017

May 14 – July 5  – Water, Water, Everywhere

Vancouver Sketch Club

We have chosen the theme to reflect on how precious this resource is. Water slakes thirst, nurtures, replenishes. Water can be churned into a storm, harnessed for energy or allowed to float placidly. Flora and … read more.

April 16 – Third Sunday Book Group

Roseanne McNulty is a long-time resident of a regional mental hospital set for demolition. Her chronicle is the main part of The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry. Barry’s prose is lyrical, full of fresh, salty metaphors and images both barren and brimming with life.

Presenter: … read more.